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Selecting the Right Cloud Integration Platform for Your Project

When applications deploy into the cloud, it’s easy to forget that they often need to connect with the rest of the company’s IT framework to run correctly or to support workers and operating activities. You need the

The Nine Circles of Excel Hell

Around the world, CFOs and business managers use Excel to handle the annual planning cycle, manage budget allocation, forecast income and expenditures, and produce reports. But using spreadsheets for forecasting, budgeting, planning and reporting creates all kinds

Cloud Integration Tools Relieve the Latest Deployment Challenges

With all of its business benefits, migrating to the cloud can be complicated. Two major challenges that developers face are: Components can be put anywhere in the cloud, so reaching it is difficult Component instances are scaled,

Case Management and Smart Process Applications

Smart Process Applications (SPAs), Intelligent Business Processes, Adaptive BPM – these are all terms applied to a new generation of applications that use computer intelligence to extract context-relevant information from the content associated with a business process,

Essential guide to solutions architecture

Solutions architecture has gained a reputation for being difficult to define and more technical in comparison to its counterparts, enterprise and software architecture. According to William Ulrich, president of TSG, Inc., the solution architect must be able

Data Centre Transformation – The Route to Business Service Optimisation

These days, many organizations are looking to outsource certain data center operations to a third-party-managed cloud service provider with certified hosting facilities, security, and IT skill sets. Still, you need to ensure that your partner is trustworthy

Best Practices and Strategies for Successful Application Integration Management

Application integration management can be tricky due to common problems caused when more money and attention are invested into shiny new projects rather than routine maintenance. However, by utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture, your organization can achieve

How the Right Conversations Can Accelerate Digitisation

Digitilization brings a number of benefits to your organization, but most CEOs don’t quite know how to respond to the need to abdicate responsibility to CIOs. CIOs can’t drive the digital agenda alone, so close alignment and

Cloud APIs key to successful cloud application and integration

As more services migrate to the cloud, effective cloud APIs are critical to successful cloud application and integration design. For many development teams, this strategy is in uncharted territory. In this expert e-guide, discover how the cloud

Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise App Stores and Self-Service IT

Users often criticise the IT department for enterprise applications not being as simple to use as those they use in their personal lives. IT service management recognises the need to adapt so that corporate IT can have